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Guro/Sensei Al Galius was born 1948 in Waialua, Oahu,Hawaii He was first introduced to martial arts by his brother Richard Galius who was training Kenpo Karate. He then studied Kenpo Karate in 1963 under Chief Instructor Fran Suan. (In those days training martial arts was very hard and intense, a lot of discipline was required by the student. No one could ask questions until class was over or given permission by the head instructor. He entered a Kenpo Karate tournament in 1967 hosted by the C.H.A.-3 Kenpo Karate Organization under Professor Marino Tiwanek. He won first place in his belt division. In 1968, he studied Sill um Kung-fu under Sifu Bucksam Kong, in Pearl City, Hawaii. He moved to Southern California in 1969, trained with instructor Ron Manuel, Shotokan Karate in 1971. White Eye Brow Kung fu with Sifu Wayne Lee in 1974. Trained with Guro Dan Inosantos in 1979, Filipino Kali. In 1988 studied The Villabrille/Largusa Kali System under Professor Greg Lontayao, who is the highest ranking professor in The Villbrille/Largusa Kali System. Lakan Polo 10th Step. Al credits all of his knowledge in the Filipino martial arts of Kali to Professor Greg Lontayao who was more than just a Kali teacher, but also a close friend. Guro Al started teaching Kali in 1992 through 2005 in Long Beach, California. He received his 5th degree black belt in the year 2000. Guro Al now resides in McDonough, Georgia and is currently teaching Filipino martial arts at IndependentMMA and Fitness and J.P. Moseley Rec.Center in Mcdonough, Ga and Locust Grove Recreation Center in Locust Grove, Ga. . For information log on to facebook, myspace,youtube, or Google us. Galius Martial Arts

Guro/Sensei Jason  was born 1978 in Torrance, California.  He was first introduced to martial arts by his father Albert Galius who at the time was training KALI-Escrima with Dan Inosanto. At 5 years of age he learned everything his father had taught him which at that time was mostly Kenpo and Kung fu. No formal training until the age of 9, Jason decided to take on his own journey of learning martial arts. In search of the Martial Art that would capture his attention. His father took him to visit a few different martial arts schools. Tried a few different styles, but being so young nothing caught his interest. Until he was exposed to FMA, along with his father he trained Villabrille/Largusa Kali System under Professor Greg Lontayao at age 11 and never turned back. Along the way he also learned a little Kajukenbo, Taekwondo, & more Kenpo. While living in Hawaii training Kali, Karate and other styles under his uncle Richard Galius @ North Shore Martial Arts. He was awarded 4th degree blackbelt in Freestyle Karate and Kali, Northshore Freestyle Method of Of Haleiwa, Hawaii in 2010 and 2rd degree blackbelt in the Filipino martial art of Kali, he was awarded his belt in 2000 under The Lontayao Martial Arts Schools Organization of Hawaii, in Long Beach California. Jason has many years of experience training Kali and Karate, along with various different Mixed Martial Arts systems. Guro/Sensei Jason started teaching Kali/Karate in 2007 in Long Beach, California. Taking over his dad’s original school, while he started up a new school in Georgia.  Jason is now Currently in Georgia growing multiple schools, evolving his KALI/Karate system into a more MMA style deriving from Street Fighting. Currently training Law Enforcement, Military Combat, MMA fighters and Boxers for Reality Sitution Self Defense, and application in the Cage and Ring in the Sport of MMA. The Martial Arts class is very diverse and practical in terms of martial arts training.

. 1989 Studied/Trained Filipino Kali in Torrance, CA with 10th degree Professor Greg Lontayao . 1994 Trained Kenpo Karate in Waialua, Hawaii with Sensei Richard Galius & Kajukenbo with Sensei Raymond Sarabano . 2007 Started teaching Filipino Martial Arts in Long Beach, CA . 2011-Present Currently teaching Filipino Martial Arts/Freestyle Karate with his dad-Al Galius at JP Moseley Recreation Center in Henry County, GA. Independent MMA in McDonough, GA and Dungeon Boxing in Covington, n Locust Grove Karate, in GA.

GALIUS MARTIAL ARTS KALI / FREESTYLE KARATE LINEAGE...KENPO KARATE - ( FREESTYLE KARATE ) - HAWAII James Mitose - ( Kenpo Jiu-Jitus )-1961-1981 ( HAWAII ) William S Chow – was taught ( Kenpo- under James Mitose ) and Kung-Fu from his dad, called his system ( Kenpo-Karate ) Adriano Emprado- was taught ( Kenpo Karate, Kung-fu, Jiu-Jitus ) under prof. William S. Chow....Adriano Emprado-in 1955 He founded the ( kajukenbo system ) 4. Prof. Marino Tiwanak – was taught ( Kenpo) under Adriano Emperado) in 1956 He Founded the ( C.H.A.-3 ) Kenpo Karate system ) Chief. Instructor Frank Suan- Co-founder of the ( C.H.A.-3 system) started the 2nd. C.H.A.-3 school in the north shore- ( Hawaii ) 6. Richard Galius and Al Galius was taught ( Kenpo Karate) under Chief. Inst. Frank Suan. Richard Galius Founded the ( Galius Martial Arts Freestyle Karate) Al Galius Founder of the ( Galius Martial Arts of Kali ) is afilliated with the Galius Martial Arts Freestyle Karate in Hawaii.

. 1963 Studied Kenpo Karate under Chief Instructor Frank Suan in Waialua, Hawaii . 1967 Entered Kenpo Karate tournament In Hawaii hosted by the CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Organization under Professor Marino Tiwanek. Took 1st place. . 1968 Studied Sil lum Pai Kung-fu in Pearl City, Hawaii under Sifu Bucksam Kong . 1971 Trained Shotokan Karate in Long Beach, CA. with instructor Ron Manuel . 1974 Trained White Eye Brow Kung fu in Long Beach, CA .with Sifu Wayne Lee . 1979 Trained Filipino Kali in Torrance, CA. With Dan Inosanto . 1988 Studied and trained in Long Beach, Ca. Villabrille/Largusa System of Kali under 10th degree Professor Greg Lontayao . 1992-2005 Started teaching Kali in Long Beach, CA . 2000 Received 5th degree black belt in Kali and 7th degree black belt in Freestyle Karate . 2005 Moved to McDonough, GA and has taught Filipino Martial arts/Kali at Hard Knox MMA, Genesis MMA and Independent MMA and Fitness . 2007 to present Teaches at J.P. Moseley Recreation Center in Henry Co., GA. Dungeon Boxing Gym, in Covington. Freestyle Karate and Kali

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