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The Haleiwa Free Style Karate Self Defense method is founded by Chief Instructor Richard Galius and taught in the North Shore Martial Arts Self Defense Incorporation on the island of Oahu, state of Hawaii. The primary purpose of the method is to defend against close range unexpected attacks – for self defense “only”.

Sensei Richard Galius, founder/Director of the North Shore Martial Art Incorporation, holds 7th Degree Black Belt and is sanctioned by 10th Degree Black Belt Professor Greg Lontayao – of the Lontayao Martial Organization of Hawaii, certifying the teaching of the Freestyle Karare Self Defense System.

Sensei Richard was born on March 3, 1944 on on Oahu Hawaii in the Waialua District. In 1959 he began training in Kenpo Karate under Chief Instructor Frank Suan of the Haleiwa Humble Hood Kenpo Karate Club (the 2nd branch club of Professor Marino Tiwanak. CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Club of Honolulu. The first Branch was started in Ewa Beach Catholic Church Hall, Prior to the Haleiwa Club).

During that time his father, Urbano Galius was upset with him because he wanted to teach him The CeBuhan style of Escrima. His father learned from Visayan Islands in the Phillipines and brought that knowledge with him to Hawaii in 1921 on a sugar plantation work contract. At that time that time there were many small Escrima Schools training in the sugar plantation camps. Among the plantation camps there were many different style of Kali, Escrima and Arnis. His father was considered one of the better Escrimadors of The CeBuhan Escrima Style.

Because Sensei Richard is short in height (5’4”), he wanted to learn a Fast Striking type of Self Defense (Grabbing Arts, Takedowns, Basic Boxer Combinations, and Multiple Defenses). He did not have the patience to do traditional Filipino Martial Arts training.

Sensei Richard  also took up Japan Karate in the North Shore Sunset Beach Area, a school under Master Tom Morita, Ken Shu Kan; Karate in Kunia Camp, Wahiawa, under Master James Miyagi; and KajukenBo with Professor Tony Ramos and Shiki Shin Funi Karate under Professor Greg Lontayao.

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